"My love affair with craftsmanship is born from my commitment to sustainability and to sustain craft. Even in this age of technology, we all have been taught what we deeply know by our parents, by our teachers, by our mentors, by our colleagues and friends. Jewellery knowledge is not only transferred through language but also through careful touch. The touch of the expert craftsman and his understanding of shape and form rivals many contemporary technologies. But it is the warmth of his touch which makes jewellery beautiful and unique every time."





Our ethical engagement rings and ethical wedding rings are designed and made entirely in the UK. They are finished in Hatton Garden, London's jewellery district by skilled craftsmen who specialise in a particular stage of the process, and hallmarked at London's Assay Office. All our rings have the Leopard's head, the town mark of London, stamped on them.

Our engravers work on each ring by hand, creating our signature patterns using specialist hand engraving tools and with years of experience behind them. Specialist stone setters make sure each and every diamond on our rings are safe and secure, and our polishers ensure that your ring will arrive looking its absolute best.



Arabel Lebrusan Beautiful British craftsmanship





Arabel’s Spanish roots are present in her filigree designs in particular and where generations of family craftsmen have honed their crafts and passed on their skills in artisanal workshops in the tiny towns dotted along the Via de La Plata.

This makes for exquisite, prized and highly unusual jewellery pieces which are much sought after both in Spain and the UK. The filigree collections, in particular, highlight romance, thanks to a delicate soft layering technique with lace-like motifs and which have been specially designed to resemble soft feminine curves.

Whether the jewellery in question is a ring, bracelet, earring or pendant, each delicate piece is unique and helps sustain the ongoing craftsmanship of these centuries of Spanish fathers and sons.



Arabel lebrusan Beautiful Craftsmanship Spanish Artisans