"Beauty matters. I have been committed to designing and making beautiful jewellery for the last decade - I design each piece to strike you with beautiful design, beautiful craftsmanship and beautiful ethics.

We know that choosing jewellery is important and not always straightforward so do get in touch and we would be honoured to support you make the right choice for you, whether you are interested in one of our celebrated ethical engagement rings or a bespoke design."

Arabel Lebrusan, Jewellery Designer

What is ethical jewellery

After just a couple of minutes with Arabel Lebrusan you get it. She's a whirlwind. Perhaps ciclón would be better, because the UK-based Spanish jewellery designer crackles with chaotic energy and a sense of fun and playful restlessness ... because she is both a visionary and a creative who has an urge to make.


Arabel Lebrusan Jewellery certificates and awards