"You want your wedding band to match your engagement ring. But you also want it to be extra special. Everything on the high-street seems too standard and you want to be unique. We can help you to get the ring that sits, just perfect, on your finger"



Arabel lebrusan Bespoke wedding rings




Sit comfortably and have a good look around the website. I'm proud to say that we make very pretty rings. Let me share my ethos of ethical jewellery with you: "Beauty matters". If you like my style: the delicate bands, the carefully crafted engravings and the vintage feel, I will be thrilled to create your unique bespoke wedding band.

Don't worry, my rings don't cost as much as you think. As a guide, our bespoke wedding rings start at around £650.

They are also made with the most ethical materials available and manufactured from beginning to end in the UK by the most skilled craftsmen. A beautiful ring with a beautiful story to tell your friends. That, you definitely won't find on the high-street.

If you're not sure, just talk to us, we love a good chat. There is nothing better than a talk on the phone to go through your questions.




If you are not 100% sure how a wedding ring will sit with your engagement ring, it might be good to meet with us and try out some of our existing designs to get a better idea.

This is the perfect time to discuss what you want and what you don't want. If you have already tried wedding bands and have a good idea of what you would like, the consultation can also happen via the telephone, or face-to-face over Skype.

Our studio is based in Bedford, a beautiful historic town just 45 minutes north of London by train. We can meet you here during the weekends or in London during the week. Two of our favourite places to meet clients are Searcy’s Champagne bar in St Pancras Station or The Fence in Farrington, both with easy connections to trains and tubes.

To prepare for the consultation, it's good to gather images of styles that you like, and anything else that could be of inspiration. Have a chat with your partner and agree about budget. This is very helpful for us, as it will limit if/how many diamonds we can add...!

Pinterest is a great platform to share images with us this, as you can easily share the boards, but the old fashion copy-pasting of images on an email is also perfect.

If you need a bit of help with metals to choose from, CLICK HERE to learn more.


Arabel Lebrusan Bespoke wedding rings



Over the course of the three weeks after the consultation you will receive 2-3 draft designs. We will give you alternative options depending on the style and your budget.

We will then finalise the design according to your feedback and will refine it until you are completely happy. Don't worry, we are also quite fussy about small details. This is the perfect time to be picky and to ask lots of questions.

When everything is agreed, we confirm the order details and we ask for a 50% deposit to begin the next stage: Manufacturing your beautiful ring!  At this point we are able to give you an estimated delivery time, between 6-8 weeks from payment date.

We will also ask you to double check your rings size, just to be sure. We can also re-size your engagement ring at the same time and give it a polish if it needs it, so both rings look great for the big day.





"Arabel's outstanding talent was to transform the vision I had into pure poetry. Her approach was to combine aesthetics with engineering and the result is perfect." Sigi. London






Eight weeks later, the finished piece is ready for you.







Now that your ring is finished, simply finalise your payment and take your unique bespoke wedding ring home. You are welcome to collect your jewellery in person at a last face-to-face meeting for a big reveal, or simply have it posted to you fully insured. 

Your wedding band sits perfectly next to your engagement ring, it looks unique, it has an ethical story and it is locally made. Now, forget about all the organising, planning and wanting everything to be perfect and make sure to enjoy your big day, we will be there in spirit!

We are so honoured that you have chosen us to be part of such an important day and to allow us to make it extra special with your -just perfect- wedding band. For the rest of your life.

Arabel Lebrusan bespoke wedding rings