Our Nature Inspired Engagement Rings

There are times in life when you want to make not just a big impression, but an unforgettable one. Choosing an engagement ring is one of those times.

From the classic round solitaire to the cluster of sparkling side stones of the 1970s, trends in jewellery styles have evolved with many designs rooted in a love for nature.

Even dating back to the Middle Ages, we know that some wedding rings inscribed with messages of love contained gemstones resembling our modern day engagement rings. Sapphires, rubies, emeralds and diamonds were all used back in the distant past as a token of love.

Flower engagement rings have their origins in the 1700’s. Silver ‘poesy rings’ engraved with flowers were very fashionable in Europe at this time. These flower engagement rings had a love poem or message inscribed on the inside. In fact, Shakespeare often mentioned them in his writings. Upon engagement, a silver betrothal poesy ring would be given to the bride and then replaced with an identical poesy ring in gold following marriage.


In celebration of all things natural, Arabel has created the Secret Garden Collection. Beautiful engagement ring designs inspired by the beauty of England's enchanting forests and woods.


Our Foliage Ethical Sapphire Platinum Gemstone Engagement Ring is the quintessential representation of delicate reflection of nature’s beauty. Set in a unique cross-band design with your choice of gemstone or diamond, dotted with charming rose and leaf motifs.


Foliage Sapphire Flower Engagement Ring

If you are about to propose to a woman who wants a unique and charming engagement ring, the Bellis ethical diamond engagement ring would be perfect.The floral Bellis ring has a round-cut diamond with a rub over setting surrounded by daisy petals. It is an ultra-cute design that will certainly highlight the individuality of your bride-to-be.


Bellis Flower Engagement Ring


The Cherry Blossom ethical diamond engagement ring has a slightly asymmetric design, with charming Cherry blossoms on both sides of the central diamond. It's 4 claw setting makes this ring a timeless classic -with a twist- and a great choice for a woman who is original and wants to stand out from the crowd.


Cherry Blossom Flower Engagement Ring


If you are seeking an enchanting, modern ring for your bride-to-be, we think you will love the Royal Oak ethical diamond engagement ring (and more importantly, so will she!) The natural leaf motif displayed on a split band is beautiful and yet non-traditional – with two 1mm diamonds resting within the organic design makes it an eye-catching ring that will be a talking point for years to come. 

Royal Oak Flower Engagement Ring

"When you choose your partner’s forever jewellery from our Secret Garden collection of stunning original flower engagement rings, you’re showing her how much you appreciate her unique spirit, her femininity as well as her strength, and her appreciation for the Earth and all its wonders."

Make your proposal a memory both of you will treasure forever with a rare and beautiful piece inspired by nature and crafted with care. Beautiful jewellery inside and out.


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Love, Arabel


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